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The Regional Loan Fund

The WRC Regional Working Capital Loan Fund was established with a grant from the New York State Urban Development Corporation, through the State Regional Revolving Loan Trust Fund Program.  Repayments by borrowers go back into the loan fund to make new loans.  The fund provides working capital loans exclusively.  The loan funds can be used by loan recipients for purposes such as inventory financing, receivables financing, raw materials and work in progress financing, export financing, and operations financing; the fund may not be used to finance fixed (i.e.,  depreciable) assets.  Loans are available to small companies.  The fund is often utilized as one part of a multi-loan financing package put together by local economic development agencies. 

Priority is given to applicants in the six target areas listed below.  In addition, priority is given to applicants whose project results in significant numbers of new permanent jobs and/or business whose projects will have a significant impact on economic conditions in the local community.  The Regional Working Capital Loan Fund is targeted to provide assistance to:

manufacturing businesses
businesses entering export markets and/or expaning export trade
tourism industry businesses
service sector businesses
alternative agri-businesses
minority-owned and woman-owned business enterprises